After heartthrob, Jaxson Ford, places his best friend, Peyton, in the friend zone, the tables are turned and Jaxson finds himself in the same situation with an attractive, new neighbor, Emery. Determined to show that he’s still got the juice, Jaxson makes it his duty to escape the dreaded and often times awkward, friend zone.

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Brandon Michael Thomas as Jaxson Ford

Jaxson Ford- 26, male, African American- Social Media Consultant Handsome, charming and moderately successful for a Los Angeleno, Jaxon’s every woman’s wet dream. Although he isn’t all out cocky, he is quite sure of himself, well dressed and a tad bit bougie.


Marie Vivo as Peyton Kelsey

Peyton Kelsey- 25, female, African American- Concierge for Luxury Apartment Complex Pretty and a complete girl next door, Peyton is down to earth, ambitious and smart. She’s an optimist that sees the glass half full.

Emery 1.jpg

Shyanne King as Emery Gill

Emery Gill- 27, female, African American- Admin Assistant New to LA, Emery is beautiful and she knows it. She’s popular on Instagram and all about her likes. She can be a bit oblivious to other people’s feelings for her but she tries to be nice to everyone...except those who offer her carbs.

Chase 5-2.jpg

Stephen Banks as Chase Washington

Chase Washington- 26, Junior Marketing Exec African American/mixed race- Goofy but good-natured, Chase is usually the one throwing some crazy ideas at Jaxson and Peyton. He’s cool and suave but sometimes a little clueless, especially when it comes to relationships and women.


Chasity Saunders as Angelique


Ayanna McKnight as Kellz

Behind The Scenes- "Friendzoned"